6 Ways to Make Your Company Holiday Party a Hit

It’s never too late to give the holiday party a certain IT factor. Whether your event is in person, virtual, or hybrid, here 6 tips to help you throw an awesome team event this holiday season.

Why Meeting in Person Is More Important Than Ever in 2022

Benefits of Meeting in PersonMore Engagement and ProductionFewer DistractionsBuilds TeamsGoals Are ClearHow to Safely Meet in Person in 2021 Since COVID-19 swept the globe, Zoom and Webex meetings have become the norm; that’s nothing new to us. While these meetings proved to be crucial for many companies to operate during stay-at-home mandates, the reality still

6 Features to Look for in Desk Booking Software

What Is Desk Booking Software?Who Uses Desk Booking Software?Why Use Desk Booking Software?What Features Should You Look for in Desk Booking Software?1. Desk Reservation Capabilities2. Google Calendar Integration3. Human Resource Information System Integration4. Capacity Management Capabilities5. Dedicated Customer Service Manager6. Directory Service IntegrationBook Your Workspace with OfficeTogether What Is Desk Booking Software? Desk booking software,

Be Prepared to Comply with the President’s Workplace Vaccine Mandate

If you are more than 100 employees, now is a great time to start setting protocols so that you are prepared to be compliant with the rollout of DoL’s updated OSHA standards.

Leading During Times of Uncertainty

As a leader, one of the best ways you can support vulnerable employees is to create certainty. And that means setting clear expectations.

What’s Next for the Office? A Conversation on the Future of Hybrid Work

Listen to people and HR leaders from Figma, Snyk, Spokn, and OfficeTogether about their hybrid office strategies and return to the office.

Not just for living in: The rise of the office neighborhood

What are office neighborhoods?What does an office neighborhood contain?What are the benefits of neighborhoods?Which companies have office neighborhoods?What supports office neighborhoods? There are many factors to consider when designing an office and implementing a functional office model. Our workplace impacts productivity, collaboration, employee wellbeing, talent retention, real estate costs, and more, so it’s important to

5 ways the remote-hybrid workplace improves productivity

    Supporting individual employee productivity     Offering choice to maximize productivity     Optimizing productivity for certain types of work     Helping improve team productivity     Improving employee wellbeingThe hybrid-remote workplace and productivity Increasing employee productivity makes a huge difference to company performance, and drives competitive advantage. Over the years, organizations

Building a fair and inclusive hybrid office

From increased productivity to higher employee satisfaction, the benefits of a hybrid office are abundant. However, team leaders must be mindful of the long-term ramifications of an office where some employees are in the office and others are not. Here are 5 factors to consider when implementing your hybrid model. 

Corenet Panel: From Office Centric to Remote First: Where does Fast Growing Global Tech Stand? – June 7th, 2021

On Monday, June 7th, we brought three fantastic speakers from Coinbase, Tide, and MyHeritage to talk about the changing office landscape. Each speaker shared their companies’ respective push to hybrid work over a one-hour panel, moderated by myself, Amy Yin. Awesome collaboration with the Corenet PropTech committee in NY!

Offsites are the Remote Office of Tomorrow

A multi-day event might seem pricey and a hit on productivity. But an annual or quarterly company offsite can provide the opportunity for team members to pause the hustle of the day-to-day, foster creative brainstorms, and grow relationships in a more organic way that might not happen as easily in a remote-first environment.

5 Tips for Managing a Hybrid Office Operations Budget

1. Explore Commercial Rent Reductions2. Examine Overheads3. Assess Potential Impact on IT Expenditure4. Optimize Productivity Gains from Hybrid Office5. Consider the Best Tools for Managing Budget Impact Office budgets have traditionally assumed that personnel are assigned desks in-office. This raises the question, how does the operations budget need to be altered for hybrid office arrangements? 

Should I Join a Hybrid-Remote Company? [2 Factors to Consider]

Conversations around the return to the office are happening now, and yet, there’s still lingering ambiguity around what the return will look like. Many employees are looking to stay remote, while an equally sized cohort of employees is looking to work in person again.

Hybrid-remote is possible: 3 ways OfficeTogether will make your return to the office easier.

Preparation and planning are vital as we navigate the post-pandemic world—OfficeTogether streamlines important office management tasks. The platform provides organizations with a simple and efficient tool for capacity management, advanced scheduling, and daily health checks. It also allows employees to connect, be informed about what space is available, and plan their weeks accordingly. 

6 Hybrid Remote Office Models To Attract & Retain Top Talent

It’s time to lead your company into its next stage. As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout picks up speed in North America, particularly in major cities, and your employees begin to envision a post-pandemic life, the moment has come to solidify your office’s reopening plans.

EBN Views: What you’re overlooking in managing your company’s hybrid remote policy

The following op-ed was featured on Employee Benefit News on March 15, 2021 In navigating these uncertain times with your workforce, using data to inform long-term solutions and incorporating your company’s core values into your hybrid remote work policy can help align your organization and keep your employees engaged. In this uncertain working environment, companies are juggling

The 5 new “work from anywhere” profiles — and what your team wants from a return

The “Take Me Back”sThe Corporate ClimbersThe Moon-lightersThe Digital NomadsThe Home-runners Planning to reopen your office? Consider what these five types of employees want first.   The word of 2020 was “unprecedented”—many leaders closed their offices for the first time last March, without any idea of when they’d re-open. But after more than a year of

The Software You Need for Hybrid Remote Offices

Advantage #1: Office Space Efficiency and Cost SavingsAdvantage #2: Team collaboration magic!Advantage #3: Safety and Contact Tracing Hi all, I’m excited to show you what OfficeTogether has been building over the last five months! I started this company in summer of 2020 in response to a growing number of companies making a hard pivot into

Hybrid Offices will be the Future of Work

When shelter in place first slammed down on San Francisco in March, I was eager to return to the Coinbase offices, where I had been a software engineer for the last three years. I missed the close collaboration with my peers, the camaraderie forged over daily lunch conversations and my ergonomic office setup that helped