6 Companies with Unique Office Spaces

June 16, 2022
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6 Companies with Unique Office Spaces
Jacquelyn Wong
June 16, 2022

An office is more than a place where work gets done—it’s a place where co-workers meet to collaborate and achieve common goals. In a recent survey of 5,000 workers from around the world, 75% said they would prefer to work for a company that gives them the flexibility to work from anywhere rather than work in fancy corporate headquarters.1

With 87% of large companies planning to adopt a hybrid work model soon, it’s no wonder 47% of those same companies are changing their office design standards to accommodate the needs of their employees.2 For companies looking to maximize the in-person workforce, addressing this demand for flexibility is a challenge.

So, let’s see how six companies created unique office spaces to reflect corporate values and employee needs.

1. Rocket Lab in Long Beach, CA

An interior shot of the futuristic Rocket Lab office space

Rocket Lab is an end-to-end space company and aerospace manufacturer committed to shaping a better future for humankind by innovating on and monitoring developments in space exploration with the help of companies, scientists, researchers, governments, entrepreneurs, and students. 

To reflect the company’s mission and core values, Rocket Lab uses large glass walls to encourage transparency between manufacturing, corporate, and innovative office spaces. Inside the active manufacturing space, customers and employees can walk through a showcase of aerospace technology and innovation. Meanwhile, scientists construct rockets and satellites just next door.

Open workstations, huddle rooms, and even space-themed customer experience areas are all elements of Rocket Lab’s practical and futuristic office space. Here, employees and customers can work together toward the final frontier.

2. Urban Outfitters in Philadelphia, PA

An interior shot of Urban Outfitters’ rustic office space

While some companies rent out office space or build a small campus, Urban Outfitters had a different approach: transform a century-old, 350,000-square-foot navy shipyard into a massive, industrious campus. The main reason for moving into such a unique space? To unite their workforce into a single location.

Office design is about more than modernization; it’s about the aesthetics of a workplace and how well that space supports employees’ well-being. An overwhelming majority (87%) of employees believe common spaces for reading a book, getting coffee, working out, or relaxing with peers can improve employee wellness.3

Urban Outfitters’ office space is an incredible and unlikely blend of old and new. It weaves elements of different centuries into a bright, unique piece of office real estate.

3. Bumble in London, UK

An interior shot of Bumble’s bee-themed office space

At the height of the pandemic, Bumble, an app for making romantic, friendly, and professional connections, had to change its new office layout plan drastically. Originally, Bumble had planned to address rapid growth by maximizing the number of desks and conference rooms across two floors of office space.

However, remote and hybrid work meant Bumble employees were collaborating in new ways. To address this issue, Bumble made a bold move by converting an entire floor into a collaborative, autonomous workspace. Here, in-office and remote employees can collaborate on projects in a variety of workshops, huddle rooms, and other spaces.

As time passes, the hybrid employees at Bumble will remember how the company protected their well-being by taking costly, time-consuming measures.

4. Google in Mountain View, CA

An interior shot of Google’s Shorebird Campus

We’re all familiar with the Googleplex, Google’s 3.5 million-square-foot campus in Mountain View, CA. Instead of talking about its slides, food courts, and nap rooms, we’ll talk about one of the most recent additions to the campus: Shorebird.

Shorebird was a unique challenge. A team of architects refreshed the 90,000 square feet of tilt-up concrete buildings for Google’s engineering team. To connect the three dark buildings, they built a 350-foot-long “Caterpillar” and linking path. The Caterpillar is a seemingly endless series of soundproof offices, workstations, and conference rooms that create a sense of familiarity and connection throughout each colorful building.

For this addition to the Googleplex, architects used a California-inspired color palette to celebrate the local climate and geography. You can find Redwood rings and other natural graphics on nearly every surface.

5. Take-Two Interactive Software in New York, NY

Take-Two Interactive employees play video games at work

Take-Two Interactive Software (T2) is responsible for publishing games through 2K Sports, Rockstar Games, and other leading video game companies. You have to ask, “Do employees at a video game company get to play video games?” The short answer is yes.

Research from the American Psychological Association (APA) found that 71% of employees typically feel tense or stressed during the workday.4 However, research suggests playing video games at work may help employees feel better for a longer period (i.e., versus a non-stimulating break).5 At T2, employees can take breaks with their favorite titles and co-workers to overcome the stress of the workday.

6. Order in New York, NY

An interior shot of Order’s open office space

Order is a B2B SaaS-Plus company that streamlines the purchasing experience for businesses. To help employees feel engaged with their peers and workspace, Order uses OfficeTogether, a purpose-built tool for hybrid offices. With this software, Order’s employees can book desks, reserve conference rooms, and answer daily health surveys to ensure that employees feel safe in the workspace.

On top of the normal applications, Order implemented an “Office Dogs” program to help employees track when and where their favorite dogs will be in the office. It’s no wonder that 76% of people reported that having pets in the workplace was a positive experience.6 Pets help employees socialize, relax, and destress without much cost to the company.6 If you’re curious about how OfficeTogether can be a part of your unique office space, contact us today!


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