Announcing: Proof of Vaccine Tracking for Enterprise

January 11, 2022
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Announcing: Proof of Vaccine Tracking for Enterprise
Sarah Schultz
January 11, 2022
Announcing: Proof of Vaccine Tracking for Enterprise

After countless conversations with office and people leaders, we realized that a common barrier to getting their teams back together in person again was concern over employee wellbeing. Our goal, above all else, is to help our customers safely and confidently re-open their offices for in-person collaboration.

To support this goal, we’ve launched our proof of COVID-19 vaccine tracking feature in record time, expanding the current product offering and allowing administrators to manage employee vaccine data with care.

To help you and your team track vaccinations securely and accurately, we are offering vaccine tracking completely free. Contact to learn more!

OfficeTogether’s Proof of Vaccine feature highlights

  • Easily track employee vaccine status without hosting sensitive health data in-house. Employees upload their proof of vaccine directly to the OfficeTogether platform.
  • Sync HRIS data to accurately track employee vaccine status. Upload or create tags to track employee vaccine status right in the OfficeTogether COVID vaccine tracking tool.
  • Employers can remain compliant with state and federal guidelines and mandates and can either elect to require proof of COVID-19 vaccine before coming into the office or set permissions for who can schedule time in the office.
  • Users can regularly update vaccine tracking and office access permissions based on evolving local or federal COVID-19 guidelines.

Feature Sneak Peek: Proof of COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking

Easily request proof of vaccination from your employees and approve or deny office reservations – seamlessly – from the OfficeTogether platform.

Employees are prompted to submit an image of their vaccine card on their OfficeTogether dashboard.

Vaccine Submission CTA

After uploading an image of their proof of vaccine, users are prompted to record the brand and date of each vaccination dose, including booster doses. The OfficeTogether team will continuously update the available fields as new CDC recommendations are announced and enforced at the state and federal levels.

Administrators can manage employee vaccine status, including Reviewing and approving vaccination records, from the OfficeTogether admin dashboard. Revoke or approve office access to meet the changing requirements and guidelines that you’ve set for your individual offices and geographic regions.

Re-opening your hybrid office

Beyond vaccine tracking and compliance tooling, administrators use the OfficeTogether platform to manage desk and meeting room reservations, track daily health check responses, and analyze real-time office attendance and space usage data. Employees rely on the platform to collaborate with their hybrid and remote-first teammates using a suite of social tools built with a dispersed workforce in mind.

To help you and your team track vaccinations securely and accurately, we are offering vaccine tracking completely free. Contact to learn more!

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