Hybrid for the People: Free Hybrid Office Software

July 26, 2022
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Hybrid for the People: Free Hybrid Office Software
Jacquelyn Wong
July 26, 2022

Over the past few years, we have seen the rise of hybrid work as the pandemic forced employees to work from home and changed how companies view the physical workplace. It’s become clear that this isn’t a temporary change—hybrid work is the new normal.¹

Some companies have started investing in hybrid office software to prepare for the future of the hybrid workplace. These software programs, sometimes called employee experience applications, allow employees to book meeting rooms, reserve office space to meet with their teams, and coordinate working hours in the office. According to a recent CBRE survey, 33% of large U.S. companies were already using employee experience applications as of August 2021.¹

At OfficeTogether, we genuinely believe in a world powered by flexible hybrid workspaces. That’s why we’ve decided to make our platform—an extensive employee experience application—free to offices through the end of 2022! Read on to learn more about our free hybrid office software.

What Is OfficeTogether?

OfficeTogether is a hybrid management system that helps managers monitor office use and empowers employees to work whenever and wherever they can be most productive. OfficeTogether helps team leads and employees with every aspect of hybrid office management from space optimization to hybrid event planning. We designed our software to integrate with the technology your company already uses, including Microsoft Teams, Slack, Okta, Google Calendar, and more.

Continue reading for a summary of features included in our free hybrid office software.

Desk Reservations

OfficeTogether’s free desk booking software allows hybrid offices to customize their seating arrangement according to their needs. Employees can use the OfficeTogether app to view the office layout and book an available desk. Desk reservations can be on a day-to-day basis, or workers can set a recurring reservation for a favorite workstation.

OfficeTogether includes neighborhood hot desk booking that gives team leads the tools to bring employees together. Book blocks of desks to prioritize office time and facilitate collaboration within teams. 

Employees can also use OfficeTogether to reserve office spaces such as meeting rooms. Ensure that your teams have the workspaces they need to get the most from their in-office time.

Follow Your Teammates

Two teammates working together on computers in the office

Effective hybrid office software should improve employee collaboration. OfficeTogether empowers teams to manage their schedules based on their closest co-workers. From your dashboard, you can track your colleagues’ changing time zones, locations, vacation days, and more. You can also set notifications for your favorite teammates to see when they are in the office or attending an in-person event.

OfficeTogether allows you to share the office with guests like clients, collaborators, or visiting friends. Add an outside office attendee and reserve a desk to ensure they have a space to work for the day.

Employees and teams in a hybrid environment need to make the most of limited in-office time. OfficeTogether helps bring teammates together and creates opportunities for in-person collaboration.

Health Checks and Contact Tracing

Employee health checkups can become a burden for any administration. OfficeTogether includes automatic, non-invasive COVID screening with an in-app survey so that you don’t have to worry about checking in with your team. You can also set up a daily health questionnaire via Slack so your employees can work through a single operations tool.

Companies must continue to exercise caution when dealing with a potential COVID-19 outbreak. When teams use OfficeTogether to reserve office space, you can quickly generate a list of which employees were in the office on a given day and trace potential exposure to a sick worker. 

For teams or companies that require a COVID-19 vaccination before coming into the office, OfficeTogether can manage employee vaccine data without hosting sensitive health information. Simply collect employee vaccine paperwork, upload it to the platform, and live without the stress of managing personal data in a spreadsheet.

OfficeTogether also helps managers ensure that employees are following local guidelines and mandates. Set permissions for who can schedule time in the office and update restrictions based on local or federal COVID-19 guidelines.

Event Management

It can be exhausting to coordinate events across a hybrid workforce. With OfficeTogether, you can schedule events, share details with attendees, and manage your RSVP list in one place. Employees can view upcoming events and RSVP from their dashboards and calendars, making it easier to bring your people into the office on the days it matters most. 

Managers can also view event attendance and statistics. OfficeTogether simplifies hybrid office events so you can focus your energy on the people, not the logistics.

Space Optimization

An empty room of office desks with computers and office chairs

OfficeTogether provides real-time analytics on space usage and desk booking in your office so you can base significant real estate and budgeting decisions on your employees’ dynamic space utilization data. 

Desk and meeting room booking patterns can help you better understand your employees’ space usage and adapt your hybrid office to meet the needs of your teams. The data can also help boost attendance for critical meetings as you plan events around popular in-office days.

Why OfficeTogether?

To answer this, let’s first take a look at the future of hybrid work. 

Many companies that transferred to hybrid work during the pandemic found hybrid work to be surprisingly effective. As employees have grown used to the flexibility of hybrid work, the majority say they want to continue working outside the office at least some of the time.²

Despite the changes needed to implement hybrid work, 83% of employers say the shift to remote work was successful for their companies. Hybrid work is here to stay. Now, the challenge is for companies to determine how to make hybrid work as productive as possible.²

On top of increasing employee productivity, free desk booking software like OfficeTogether can help companies significantly reduce real estate expenses. Real estate costs and related expenses are usually the second or third largest costs for most companies. Through OfficeTogether’s hot desk booking system, hybrid companies can maximize their office use while reducing unnecessary space and cutting costs.³

In short, OfficeTogether helps companies get the most out of their physical office and improves employee collaboration in hybrid teams.

Sign Up for Free Today

We designed OfficeTogether to help companies adapt their office space to fit a hybrid model and remove some administrative burdens that team leads and managers face. Now, you can get our hybrid office software for free. Click here to see how we helped Tide manage their post-COVID office, or visit our website to request a demo and sign up today.

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