Hybrid-remote is possible: 3 ways OfficeTogether will make your return to the office easier.

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Realize the full potential of a flexible workplace. Desk reservation and team scheduling built for a hybrid office.

More than half of employees are looking for more direction around returning to work after the pandemic. Mckinsey researchers found that 40 percent of employees still have not been told what to expect and 28 percent described their employer’s plan as vague. Of note, 52 percent are anticipating a hybrid office model.

Research shows that, while many employers and employees believe that working from home has not significantly impacted productivity, there is still a desire to have an office space. Sixty-eight percent of executives surveyed by PwC indicated they wanted to see employees return to the office at least three days a week. This hybrid office model would see employees rotate in and out of the office on different days. While it offers the most flexibility for employers and employees, it also presents some office planning and management complications.

Preparation and planning are vital as we navigate the post-pandemic world—OfficeTogether streamlines important office management tasks. The platform provides organizations with a simple and efficient tool for capacity management, advanced scheduling, and daily health checks. It also allows employees to connect, be informed about what space is available, and plan their weeks accordingly.

Here are three ways that OfficeTogether’s innovative platform will help make your return to the office easier:

Desk and capacity management

Managing and tracking desk usage in the office is essential for compliance and employee safety. OfficeTogether allows you to bring in your own floor plan so you can stay compliant with capacity quotas. It also enables employees to see which team members are in the office that day and what space is available for collaboration. For employees, this means more flexibility and control over when to come into the office and when to work from home. As governments ease lockdowns and restrictions, you’ll be able to adjust the capacity quota in OfficeTogether to allow for more employees to return to the office.

Regardless of how many offices you have, with OfficeTogether, you’ll be able to phase your rollout, reopen, manage, and monitor the capacities of each office around the world. Moreover, it eliminates the need for manual tracking, which frees up employees’ time.

OfficeTogether also allows companies to see office needs more clearly. Thus, it presents an opportunity to reduce overhead by cutting back underused areas, such as real estate costs or catering for employee lunches and dinners.

Advanced scheduling features

Knowledge is power, and OfficeTogether allows you to stay up-to-date with the happenings in your office. This transparency also applies to employees, who can see who will be in the office each day, book their days in the office, and communicate with team members, reducing the loneliness and isolation that some employees might feel when working remotely.

Health checks

Daily health checks for in-office employees mean that you’ll be able to know if there have been any exposures to COVID-19. A daily health form needs to be filled out in most jurisdictions before employees can come into the office. OfficeTogether sends an automatic health check in compliance with government regulations before each employee’s arrival to the office, reducing manual overhead while keeping the company safe.

With this feature, OfficeTogether simplifies contact tracing by quickly allowing you to inform employees of potential exposure to COVID-19. Tide successfully used this feature to communicate only with employees who had been in the office on the day of potential exposure. Employees were then able to self-isolate, preventing the further spread of the virus.

Plus… Integrations!

OfficeTogether also offers an extensive suite of integrations, including:

  • Google Suite
  • Azure
  • Slack
  • GitHub
  • Intuit
  • Workday
  • Okta
  • … And more!

After a year of working remotely, companies are preparing for a return to the office. But, it won’t look the same as it did pre-pandemic. Gartner found that 82 percent of companies will allow employees to continue in a remote work model after the pandemic. Those that are planning on employees returning to the office are putting new safety measures in place.

Organizations are reluctant to let go of the office as they are seen as essential for collaboration, productivity, and socialization. With OfficeTogether, desk management and capacity are easier to manage, advanced scheduling allows employees to stay connected, and daily health checks help keep everyone in the company safe.

Curious OfficeTogether can make your return to the office easier? Click here to book a demo.

wordpress developerHybrid-remote is possible: 3 ways OfficeTogether will make your return to the office easier.

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