New! Product Update: Location Compliance for Dispersed Teams

March 3, 2022
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New! Product Update: Location Compliance for Dispersed Teams
OfficeTogether Team
March 3, 2022

Employees can now edit and update their location status for tax reporting purposes. This new feature provides hybrid companies with a tool to better maintain employee location records and ensure compliance with local and international tax laws and regulations. 

With this feature, employees can input where they are working from at any given time.

The feature was built specifically for OfficeTogether’s first customer, Tide, a London-based business banking platform. The company was actively seeking a means of staying compliant with relevant tax laws and regulations while also continuing to support its flexible remote working policy. 

"Similar to other companies accustoming themselves to new ways of working, we had to find a way to preserve our culture of happy employees while at the same time continue meeting our regulatory responsibilities and stringent security standards.” shared Liza Haskell, the Chief Administrative Officer of Tide. 

Feature Highlights: 

  • Employees can easily set, edit, and update their work location status in their employee profile on the OfficeTogether platform. 

  • Office administrators can request employees to update their work location in real-time and download a report to view updated and accurate location data.

  • Additionally, administrators can opt to cross-check employees’ self-reported location data with the locations of employees’ IP addresses.

“This feature boosted workplace cohesion and employee interaction when it was at an all-time low due to social isolation constraints, and also allowed Tide to collect the necessary data to enforce our internal work arrangements. It was a classical win-win situation."

To help you and your team track locations securely and accurately, contact

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