Office Hoteling: What Is It and Why Should You Use It in 2022?

December 3, 2021
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Office Hoteling: What Is It and Why Should You Use It in 2022?
Jacquelyn Wong
December 3, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic provided companies with an opportunity to restructure the work and home-office balance. As a result, “office hoteling” has become a rising office management trend. Every company structures its space to suit their needs, but overall, office hoteling has allowed professionals to utilize shared workspaces with increased mobility, productivity, and flexibility. Teams can more easily collaborate and do it in the places within the office that make the most sense.

What Is Office Hoteling?

Office hoteling throws out the traditional idea that every employee has an assigned desk in a certain area of the building. Instead, employees can “book” or reserve an office space. This will vary based on work needs and how many people are involved in that work. With office hoteling, companies can utilize workspaces more efficiently. By providing more accessible spaces, employees can easily collaborate and incorporate a more effective telecommuting experience when needed.

Three co-workers laughing at a table during a meeting

Benefits of Office Hoteling

In a high-level overview, here are some key benefits of office hoteling:

  • Reduced real estate footprint (fewer fees and costs for renting out a space)
  • Flexibility for employees
  • Opportunities for organic collaboration
  • Positive office culture
  • Eliminated “power struggle” over who sits where
  • Maximized productivity

Reduced Square Footage

With more and more companies balancing employees’ schedules between remote and in-person work, office hoteling is the perfect solution. For companies that allow their employees to split time between their home office and the company’s office, an office hoteling model will reduce the square footage needed. Since each employee will no longer require a permanent workspace, a smaller and more efficient office will help save on both rent and utilities.

Team Collaboration

Plus, when you allow team members to work in different areas within the office, employees can better collaborate with their department in more natural settings. Employees can transition from a reserved desk to an open space to meet and bring team members together seamlessly. A positive employee experience is vital to a company’s retention rates, so your team will value a flexible workspace with the option to collaborate in multiple areas.

Most traditional workspaces occupy every square inch with desks, chairs, and computers. Not only does office hoteling provide collaboration opportunities, but it offers more space for social and recreational activities – another key part of office culture. This will keep team members from feeling stifled. Since not every employee will need a desk, these open and collaborative spaces will allow coworkers to disengage, socialize, and meet together seamlessly.

Letting Employees Feel Heard

Companies that lean on office hoteling have also found that seeking input from their team is beneficial for several reasons. First, allowing employees to have a say in how the office is laid out will ensure optimal workflow. Second, letting employees feel heard and seen when choosing the office layout will create a sense of loyalty to the workspace and the overall collective benefit. Lastly, by eliminating assigned seating, the “power struggle” between supervisors and team members is eradicated. No one is promised the corner office or the space with the best view. Whoever reserves the space first, can utilize it in a way that best benefits the team.

Four co-workers collaborating on a project in a white, open office space

How Does Office Hoteling Software Work?

So, if no one has an assigned desk, how does the office function? This is where hoteling software comes into play. Desk booking or office hoteling software is essentially a tool that employees can use to reserve a specific location within the workspace for team meetings, brainstorming sessions, and other in-person collaborations.

When seeking user-friendly, efficient desk booking software, you’ll want to keep your eyes out for a few key elements. The software should provide desk reservation capabilities, Google Calendar integration, human resource information system integration, capacity management capabilities, a dedicated customer success manager, and directory service integration.

Choose OfficeTogether This Year

OfficeTogether aims to make office hoteling easy through its desk booking software. It not only provides all of the key elements above, but each employee can access desk reserving services, health checks, Slack, email, and more. Schedule a demo today or start your free trial to see if OfficeTogether’s services are the right match for your team.

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