What Is a Meeting Room Booking System?

March 15, 2022
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What Is a Meeting Room Booking System?
Jacquelyn Wong
March 15, 2022

A meeting room booking system provides the tools to reserve office space, schedule meetings, and overall help businesses operate an efficient hybrid work model. Offices across the world are shifting toward hybrid workplaces, where employees can divide their time between remote and in-office work. Rather than requiring employees to come into the office every day, companies can utilize meeting room booking systems to reserve office space when needed.

The tool works exactly how you think it might; when you need a meeting room, booking systems allow you to reserve the room at a specific time and invite others to attend. So, what is a meeting room booking system? Let’s dive deeper.

Benefits of a Meeting Room Booking System

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The popularity of shared office spaces has continued to increase since as early as 2007. While shared office space means lower costs and fewer maintenance responsibilities, it can be challenging to share and reserve space in a flexible workplace.

Meeting room booking systems simplify the reservation process. In a survey conducted by CBRE, 85% of respondents said they use a reservation system for booking meeting rooms.

Now you know they’re extremely popular, but what makes them so likable? Here are just some of the benefits:

Real-Time Tracking

Users can view the availability of office space and plan accordingly. Booking systems can help employers by improving the efficiency of meeting schedules and avoiding double-booked office space.

Through a meeting room booking system, a company can schedule and invite others to attend conferences, team meetings, brainstorming sessions, sales calls, weekly employee trainings, and other essential meetings. Reserving a room takes the guesswork out of where your team’s meetings will be held.

Improved Meeting Attendance

When employees work at various times throughout the day, employers are tasked with coordinating a meeting schedule that works for the most attendees possible.

Effective office space booking systems track desk reservations and show you when employees regularly come into the office. This allows employers and managers to schedule events at times when most employees are at the office, which can boost meeting attendance.

Employees can view upcoming meetings on their schedule, read essential details, and RSVP. Eliminate the need for excessive spreadsheets by using a booking system to schedule events, share details, invite attendees, and monitor your RSVP list, all in one place.

Meeting room booking systems make it easier to manage hybrid office events so you can spend your energy on the people, not the logistics.

Coordinated Schedules

In-office meetings give employees the chance to communicate face to face with their coworkers instead of meeting over video calls. Meetings held over live chat or video-call services are subject to technical errors, time lag, and decreased understanding. Plus, video calls can limit our ability to communicate using body language, which accounts for about 55% of our understanding.

All in all, desk booking systems make it easier to coordinate with colleagues and schedule in-person meetings and conversations. Employees can use a booking system to track their teammates’ schedules and coordinate in-office time with coworkers or clients.

If an employee needs to invite a client, collaborator, or friend to the office, a proper office booking system can also ensure the guest will have an appropriate workspace for the day.

Improve Hybrid Office Efficiency with OfficeTogether

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Many employees today want flexible work options to become permanent, and companies may benefit by providing flexible scheduling. Studies show that 63% of high-growth companies are using flexible scheduling guidelines, while the majority of companies with little or negative growth are sticking with rigid schedules.

However, flexible schedules also require solutions to managing workspace and company resources. That’s where OfficeTogether comes in.

Let’s go back to our initial question: What is a meeting room booking system? At OfficeTogether, it’s a tool that makes managing a hybrid office easier than ever. With desk reservations, event management, room booking, and more, OfficeTogether can help you improve effective space optimization in your office.

See for yourself! We have helped companies maximize their office space and adapt to the changing trends because we believe in the future workplace.

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