What Is Hot-Desk Booking?

February 8, 2022
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What Is Hot-Desk Booking?
Jacquelyn Wong
February 8, 2022

Since the spring of 2020, businesses have had to make adjustments to their workplace settings. While the term “hot desk” and desk booking platforms existed before the global pandemic, there has been a surge in popularity with businesses seeking ways to safely return to in-person work. So what is a “hot desk” and why is there a need for “hot-desk booking” software? A hot desk, or hot desking, is an organized process of reserving a desk within an office. This system allows varying employees to use a desk, room, or space at different times on a more ad hoc basis. Hot desks can be used in both private offices and more public spaces like conference rooms. Basically, by utilizing hot-desk software, a business could virtually eliminate office space while maximizing the current office real estate.

One female coworker and male coworker collaborating in a modern, industrial office space

Benefits of Hot-Desk Booking

Historically, “hot desking” referred to a more first-come, first-serve type of system. So if an employee showed up at 5:30 AM before everyone else, they could take their pick of the desks. While it worked for some businesses, it was not the most efficient setup with desks being taken by employees that didn’t necessarily need the space. Hot-desk booking software eliminated the first-come, first-serve setup and created a more efficient workplace for everyone.

Typically, a business will enlist the help of hot-desk booking software, like OfficeTogether. This software will allow employees to reserve the desk that best suits their needs for a particular workday. So if an employee or team needs to meet with their team or department, they can book larger workspaces, desks, or conference rooms. Employees that need to be in the office for whatever reason, but do not necessarily need to be meeting in a big group, can reserve a single desk area to conduct their business as well.

Let’s dive deeper into some more specific points.


The money you’ll save is just one major benefit of using hot-desk booking. Instead of having to put up major funds to secure a large office with expensive amenities, businesses can rent out smaller office spaces, creating more efficiency. Over one-third of all companies that use a flexible workplace arrangement like hot-desk booking reported savings of over 5% on occupancy costs.

Employee Efficiency

Increased employee engagement and productivity are other major benefits of utilizing hot-desk booking. With more open spaces and areas for collaboration, employees can seamlessly meet and work toward goals and objectives in spaces that are designed to cultivate teamwork rather than a stale work environment of the past.

Growth Flexibility

For businesses looking to grow or expand, hot-desking software provides an ideal setup. Companies can employ more people and allow for remote work in combination with some time in the office without paying for additional office space or having to make a more risky upfront real estate investment. Companies can also move into more markets and scale appropriately without having to rent or buy a large space.


Hot-desk booking also benefits self-employed workers or freelancers. Freelancers can book desks within an office space to meet with potential clients or employers. While different from how a business may use hot-desk booking software, having the ability to reserve office space for meetings or presentations as a freelancer or consultant offers innumerous advantages. Freelancers would only have to pay for reserved time at an office instead of paying monthly for office space they only need to use occasionally. 

A team of coworkers meeting together in an office space through hot-desking software

Choose Hot-Desk Booking Software; Choose OfficeTogether

Whether you’re part of a corporation or one individual, consider utilizing a hot-desk work system through OfficeTogether. OfficeTogether streamlines the process of desk booking and team collaboration, and their system allows you to make recurring reservations and manage dedicated space. Employees that want – or need – to be in the office will have the tools necessary to plan their designated office time seamlessly.

Take a look at our plans and let us know if you have further questions!

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