Desk Booking for the Hybrid Workspace

A simple desk booking solution that brings your team together

Desk Booking for the Hybrid Workspace

Book a Desk

A simple desk booking system for the hybrid office

Book a Desk

Flexibility to book your desk whenever and wherever you need it. Workspace booking that empowers employees to fully manage their time and workstation needs.

Desk Assignments

A hot desk system that supports recurring reservations
and dedicated space management

10% of your employees will want to be in the office daily. Give them the tools they need to plan their office time with a dedicated hotel desk and recurring reservation.

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    Neighborhood Hot Desk Booking System

    Office hoteling for teams to collaborate together in the office

    Give team leads the tools they need to bring employees together in the office. Prioritize office face-time with a simple desk booking system for office neighborhoods. Book blocks of desks and workstations so that teams can better collaborate.

    Intentional Spontaneity. Make the most of your office space. Bring your team together again.

    Desk Booking Tools for your Hybrid Office

    Workstation Booking System

    Easily book your desk to join
    your coworkers at the office.

    Calendar View

    Check-in on the team’s weekly hotel
    desk schedule and recurring reservations

    Neighborhood Booking

    Enable people leaders to drive
    in-person collaboration with
    neighborhood hot desk management

    Assigned Desks

    A desk assignment hybrid office must-have. Allow employees the freedom to book recurring or permanent desk and workstation reservations.

    Cancelations & Desk Protection

    Protect the space. Immediately free up desks when employees choose not to commute to the office.

    Mapping & Custom Floorplans

    Upload a custom floor plan. Manage your workstations, meeting rooms, and desks from the dashboard.

    Permissions and Restrictions

    Control who is allowed to book each workstation.


    Understand who’s coming into your office with real-time analytics reporting.

    Custom Notifications

    Pin your teammates and friends’ schedules to your dashboard. Never miss out on team lunch or face-time.

    Plan a safe transition to your
    office of the future

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