Real-time Meeting Room & Office Space Management

Manage your shared spaces from a meeting room booking software built for the hybrid workplace

Room Scheduling

Clear visibility into what rooms are available

Avoid double bookings and make scheduling meetings something your team wants to do. Streamline your space usage with a user-friendly, hassle-free room usage tool.

Meeting Room Availability

Go beyond hot desk booking — keep track of your shared spaces

Meeting room availability displays on the user portal and shows employees where (and when) they can book a room reservation, same day or in the future.

Easy Booking Process

Help your team focus on what matters most – coworking and collaboration

With OfficeTogether, meeting room management is simple. Admins can easily import floor plans and set parameters around the shared space usage. Employees can view available rooms and spaces, and book a time right from the user portal.

Meet your team where they already work.

Slack or Teams, Android or Apple — our platform works where your team works.

The OfficeTogether platform integrates with numerous tools and products, making it easier than ever for your team to manage their time together in the office. User experience matters to us because employee experience matters to you.

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    A room booking solution customized to your hybrid workplace.

    Tool Features

    View Booking & Meeting Times

    A room booking solution that lets you book conference rooms and manage meeting room scheduling all in one place

    Manage No-shows and Cancellations

    Avoid empty rooms. Make the most of your office space.

    Visitor Check-in from your Ipad

    Visitor management, simplified. Check in visitors from a tablet, desktop, or in-browser mobile app.

    Real-Time Data Reporting

    Determine real estate and future planning needs using insights and usage metrics from the OfficeTogether portal

    Interactive Maps

    Upload and customize floor plans to help your team better manage their in-office room bookings

    Plan a safe transition to your
    office of the future

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