Manage Employee Health & Safety

A simple and compliant COVID-19 vaccine tracking app for employers

Manage employee vaccine data with care

Uphold confidentiality for your team members. Easily track employee vaccine status without hosting sensitive health data. Collect employee proof of vaccine paperwork and upload it to the OfficeTogether platform. Remove the stress of managing sensitive health data in a spreadsheet.

Sync HRIS data to accurately track employee vaccine status

Leverage your existing employee databases to ensure complete & accurate records. Easily sync employee vaccine status directly with your in-house HRIS. Upload or create tags to track employee vaccine status right in the OfficeTogether COVID vaccine tracking app. Create a source of truth and ensure an integrative HR platform to manage employee data.

Be compliant with state and federal guidelines and mandates

Manage the safety of all your office locations with one simple tool. Elect to require proof of COVID-19 vaccine before coming into the office or set permissions for who can schedule time in the office. Update permissions based on local or federal COVID-19 guidelines. 

Bring your team

together again safely

    OfficeTogether is helping teams return to the office safely

    Tool Features

    Automatic Notifcations

    Eliminate manual processes following up on vaccine status or health checks.

    Easy Self Completion

    Simple mobile app for team members to upload their own records.

    Office Level Reporting

    Track office vaccination rates by building or department. Provide high-level reports to company leadership for better informed decision making.

    Integrates with Existing Tools

    Simple and effective implementation with integrations for Outlook, Slack, Google Suite, OneLogin, Azure, and more.

    Safely bring your team together

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