OfficeTogether Features

OfficeTogether for
Microsoft Teams

In-Person work is easy with OfficeTogether for Microsoft Teams.
Flexible working for Teams.
Help employees easily manage their schedules with their most important collaborators. View colleagues’ changing time zones, locations, vacation days, and more, without leaving the Teams app.
Book a Desk
Flexibility to book your desk whenever and wherever you need it, right from the Teams app. Empower employees to fully manage their time, workspace, and amenities needs without adding another tool.
10% of your employees will want to be in the office daily. Give them the tools they need to plan their office time with a dedicated hotel desk and recurring reservations.
In-person, and elsewhere.
Give team leads the tools they need to bring employees together in the office, and manage schedule visibility for the hybrid workplace. Incentivize office face-time with events and office pets, right in the Teams app.
The tools to manage your hybrid office.
Workstation Booking System
Easily book your desk to join your coworkers at the office.
Calendar View
Check-in on the team’s weekly hotel desk schedule and recurring reservations.
Neighborhood Booking
Enable people leaders to drive in-person collaboration with
neighborhood hot desk management.
Understand who’s coming into your office with real-time analytics reporting.
Cancellations & Desk Protection
Immediately free up desks when employees choose not to commute to the office.
Event Logistics & RSVP Management
Upload or create a custom office event. Manage your RSVP list, vaccine requirements, and more.
Make Hybrid Working Easy.
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