OfficeTogether Slack App

Connecting to Slack
1. From, click on the profile icon on the upper right side of the navigation bar, then navigate to “Settings”.
2. If your company admin has already added the OfficeTogether app to your Slack workspace, then you’ll see “Connect to Slack” in the User Settings. Note: if you do not see this, contact your admin to install the OfficeTogether Slack app to your company Slack.
3. Navigate to your Slack account. Scroll to the bottom of the lefthand bar to the “Apps” section. Click on the “+Add apps”.
4. Type “OfficeTogether” into the searchbar to locate the app. Note: If the app does not show up, then your workspace administrator has not yet added the app to Slack.
5. Click on the OT app, then access the “Home” option, which is the leftmost tab within the app. Press the “Link my OfficeTogether account” button to link your OfficeTogether profile to Slack.
6. You’ll get a message under the Messages tab. Click the link to connect your two accounts.
7. To test it out, go back to the OfficeTogether portal settings and, under the “Connected to Slack” section, press “Send a test message to yourself”. If successful, you should get a notification in Slack. Now next time you take the health check, you’ll be notified directly in Slack as well as email before your reservation.
8. From the Slack app, you’ll also see the successful connection.
Revoking access from the Slack App, and reconnecting to Slack
1. Go to your Account Settings page and click “Revoke access.”
Contact us for support
For support, email us at
2. If you go back to your Slack application, you will see that the message from the “home” option has changed, and that you are no longer connected to Slack. To reconnect, click “Link my OfficeTogether account” to receive the follow-up instructions
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